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I am an contemporary installation artist that constructs my work primarily from fibre-based materials. I situate my work within natural environments and urban green spaces. Landscape has always been central to the portrayal of the Canadian identity and traditionally observed through painting and drawing. I continue this observation through non-traditional means. I work actively within landscapes to learn about their unique attributes through physical interaction. I try to be morally responsible regarding the placement of materials and implement an ecocentric approach. Fibre has the innate abIlity to be morphed into a variety of form and texture through manual processes with minimal tools. The material is lightweight and minimizes the environmental footprint at installation sites. My work resembles anomalous material forms that inhabit nature as opposed to a disruptive intervention. Installations are placed temporarily within a location and removed with no remnants of the work left behind. There is no signage accompanying most projects, as I attempt to position my work symbiotically within nature and assigned authorship defeats this relationship. The forms I create are constructed through processes of layering, wrapping, and combining a variety of fibre-based materials into structures that both integrate with and oppose their surroundings. The form of the work resembles natural structures but remains ambiguous, a poetic metaphor for naturally occurring things. Recent work has been placed within national, provincial and municipal parks with guidance from park staff, botanists and naturalists.

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